Tips for a Cooler Home during Summer Time

A couple of decades ago when air-conditioning wasn’t an option for everyone, architects did a great deal to create homes that are as cool as possible during summer and as warm as possible during winter.  One of the leading strategies was to position the house in a certain direction in order to allow a breeze to flow through the house during summer and prevent it during winter or to compensate for the shift of the sun so you can enjoy warm sunny mornings in the kitchen area and cooler temperatures in the bedroom depending on the season.  Today there simply isn’t enough room in cities and towns to build your home in the right direction and you have to find different ways to keep your home cooler.

Tips for a Cooler Home during Summer Time

Tips for a Cooler Home during Summer Time

Here are a few of the best electricity saving tips to create a cooler home during those hot summer days and nights.

Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

An air conditioner that isn’t serviced regularly doesn’t work properly.  Air conditioners frequently get clogged up which restricts airflow and increases energy consumption since your air conditioner needs to work harder.  If your air conditioner is out of gas or malfunctioning it can also end up running for without any real effect.  It is important to have an HVAC company Ashburn, Va service your air conditioner at least once every six months so you can enjoy brilliant cool air without the steep bill.

Don’t Let Your Air Conditioner Run All Night Long

Instead of letting your air conditioning running all night long you should try to close all the windows and doors before switching it on.  The entire room will drop in temperature and will stay that way for much longer if hot air isn’t allowed into the room.  Set your timer to switch off the air conditioner after an hour or two and only turn it back on if you wake up during the night and find it too hot.   These air coolers naturally extract moisture from the air which isn’t good for your lungs and skin and it is much better to switch it off rather allow it to run all night long.

Open Your Windows at Night

If the a/c isn’t running, you should open your windows at night to allow fresh cool air into the rooms.  Hot air has a tendency to rise while cool air surfaces on the ground level.  With cooler air flowing in from outside, hot air will be pushed out of your home and you can enjoy much lower temperatures.

Keep Blinds Closed During Daytime

By closing your window blinds you can reduce home temperature by 30% because the sun cannot get into your home to heat up furniture items, upholstery, and the interior of your home.

Get UV Paint for Your Roof

UV reflective paint works surprisingly well for cooling down your home.  The UV paint layer reflects the sun rays instead of absorbing them and doesn’t get nearly as hot.

The Benefits of Having Clean Water at Home

There are a lot of people who know that having clean water at home is important. Humans are not known to survive without clean water. Those who do not get enough water will have the tendency to feel sluggish. They will also feel light-headed because they cannot function properly.

You can take a look at your home right now. Do you like what you see? It is important that you appreciate the way that your home looks like but does it function the way that it should? A house can truly become a home if it offers your basic needs. If it cannot provide you with water, this can become a problem.

The Benefits of Having Clean Water at Home

The Benefits of Having Clean Water at Home

At times, you will realize that your water is too hard. There are some signs that you ought to look for so that you will know if you have hard water at home or not:

  • There are certain types of minerals that may build up on the various water fixtures where water constantly run through.
  • The water heater constantly fails.
  • You tend to notice that your skin is usually dry and itchy.
  • There are some spots that are left behind on your dishes and glasses.
  • Your clothing feels scratchy.

If you can relate to the signs that are mentioned above, you need SoftWaterFiltration in order to make your hard water softer. Soft water will allow you to feel cleaner every time you bathe. You can also clean the other items that you have at home in a faster amount of time.

How will you know if water is clean? There are some obvious things that you have to look for:

  • The water should look clean when you look at it. If you see that it is brown and murky, this is already a sign that the water is not safe to drink.
  • The water should not have a foul odor.

The moment that the water seems unfit to clean, then do not push it. You are not recommended to drink water that you can find in bodies of water that are stagnant. When you have clean water at home, these are just some of the benefits that you can expect to get:

  1. You will be able to improve your hygiene. Hard water will make it harder for you to keep yourself clean. Your hair will be sticky and you will have splotches on your skin.
  2. You will be able to improve your health since you will have clean water at home all the time. Having good health can make sure that you will be able to focus on what truly matters. Through drinking enough water, you can prevent the formation of gall stones and kidney stones that may cause some urinary issues.
  3. Do you know that drinking water can help get rid of hangovers? It is only normal that you are going to enjoy from time to time. You want to make sure that you will be able to function so you can continue doing your responsibilities.

Are you ready to have clean water at home? The right water filtration system can make a huge difference.

Love To DIY Your Home? You Need a Miter Saw

Being able to DIY some things in and around the house sure does save a lot of money.  It also helps a lot when you can do minor home repairs yourself and be able to build home items is a pretty fantastic skill to develop.  If you are one of those people who love to get their hands dirty, be creative and craft your own furniture then you should consider investing in a miter saw.

Love To DIY Your Home? You Need a Miter Saw

Love To DIY Your Home? You Need a Miter Saw

What Is A Miter Saw?

Miter saws are also known as drop saws, cut off saws or chop saws.  These handy saws have a rounded blade and are usually mounted on a station and can then be used to cut wood in a straight line.  Miter saws can be used for a huge variety of tasks and are one of the handiest tools you can possibly own at home.

Where To Find The Best Miter Saw?

Straight Kerfs is the best place to find a great miter saw or to learn more about these saw types.  This review features reviews on all the best miter saw types and you can find out a lot about them such as their capabilities, requirements, specs and more.

What Can You Make With A Miter Saw?

There are a great many projects you can take on with a miter saw.  Here are just a few of the many things you can make with your miter saw;

Cut wood – You can make straight woodcuts that you can use for any task imaginable.  The saw enables you to cut in a perfectly straight line and you can use these straight wood pieces for all sorts of DIY projects around the house such as minor repairs, installations and so much more.

Make furniture – Miter saws can cut wood in any size and in any straight line.  You can use these woodcuts to make a huge variety of furniture items such as desks, cupboards, shelves, drawers, beds and so much more.  The furniture possibilities are truly unlimited.

Make home décor – Make your own home decorations such as picture frames, wall art or make plenty of wood panels that you can use as mounts for artworks or as a canvas.

Recycle pallet projects – Recycled pallets are very trendy right now and with a miter saw you can take on these DIY pallet projects with ease and make numerous items from furniture to shelves to toys.

Make toys – Make your own dollhouses, toy cars, and wooden garages when you have one of these saws for all the cutting.

Storage solutions – You can also use your miter saw for all types of storage crates and devices.  Build some storage units or use your miter saw to build in some cupboards, shelves and much more.

The possibilities are endless if you have a good quality miter saw to help you with all of the little and big projects you would like to take on in and around the house.

The Journey to Home Ownership

The home ownership journey is not for the faint hearted as much as it is everyone’s dream to own a home. It is costly and requires a lot of strategy and planning in order to be a success. Good thing is that the government and many other companies have come with strategies to help people to buy homes and hence you can apply for subsidized housing. Even though there is the option of subsidized housing, it is still very expensive for many. Some of the strategies that you can use to make home ownership much easier include:

The Journey to Home Ownership

The Journey to Home Ownership

Define your needs

Different people have different needs as far as housing is concerned. It is only by defining your needs that you can be able to come up with a budget and start working towards it. What are your housing needs? Do you want an apartment or a bungalow? What is the size of house that you want? Do you want to live in the city or the outskirts? Those are some of the questions that you can ask yourself before embarking on doing a research. You also need to know how much you can afford. This will mainly be influenced by your expenses and debt. They say your expenses should not be more than 28% of your gross monthly income. The debt should also be not more than 36% of your gross income. In defining your needs, you also need to make up your mind if you are looking for a new house or an old house that you can refurnish.

Save! Save! Save!

It is only through savings that you will make it easy to own a home. There are many saving strategies that you can use and the best one is saving through a housing scheme. Good thing with saving with a housing scheme is that the savings are exempted from tax and thus you are able to save more. There are those that prefer to save through mutual savings or saccos. The best part is that with mutual savings and saccos you will enjoy the power of compound interest and thus if you save long-term you will even be able to enjoy handsome returns. The interest however varies from company to the other and hence make sure that you do your research right in order to get the best deal.

Have a good credit score

Having a good credit score will not limit you in terms of what you can do. You can always apply for a housing loan or even take a mortgage. It depends on what you think will work out for you. Without a good credit score and report, you will not be legible for a mortgage and we all know it is the most common route and convenient way of owning a house.


When it comes to home ownership, there is nothing that is impossible. It is all about staying focused on what you want to achieve. Planning and staying focused are key.

9 Home Heating Solutions to Consider For Your Next Upgrade

Is your home feeling a bit chilly?  It isn’t much fun to spend your winter shivering and sniveling from the cold and it most certainly isn’t much fun to dress in thick layers of clothing when you are supposed to be all cozy and comfortable at home.  A heated home is a blessing to live in. You get much better sleep, you feel a lot more energized and your body can stay healthier.  Today there are many home heating solutions to consider for your home but here are the best of the best to choose for your next upgrade.

9 Home Heating Solutions to Consider For Your Next Upgrade

9 Home Heating Solutions to Consider For Your Next Upgrade

Air Conditioner

This is a very simple modification that you can make in your home.  Air conditioners don’t take up too much space, they are relatively easy to install and most of these units are handy for summer as well as winter because they have cooling and heating functions.

Floor Heating

Floor heating can be installed on a number of floor types such as hardwood, carpeting, and even concrete.  Floor heating is one of the best home heating solutions out there because it heats up the entire room and keeps your feet nice and snug all winter long.

Wall Heating

Wall heating, like floor heating, involves installing pipelines into the wall that is used to generate heat for the room.


Everyone loves a fireplace.  These units look fantastic, they create a sense of romance, you can prep foods and snacks in your fireplace and they provide lots of heat during those cold months.

Coal Stove

If you love vintage and retro items then this is the right home heating solution for you.  Coal stoves function basically the same way as any fireplace.  It is a cast-iron stove that you use to make a fire in order to cook and to heat your home at the same time.

Fleece Blankets

This isn’t a good way to heat the house but those fluffy blankets sure are great to snuggle into and are an absolute must for any home.

Isolated Windows and Doors

You need to insulate your windows and doors in order to keep the temperature safe.  Install specialized windows and doors so you can enjoy a nice and snug winter.

Radiator Heating

These heaters have been commonly used for a very long time and still are the best home heating solution to consider.  These aluminum heaters warm up your home by circulating hot or boiling water through hollow flat tubes.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters are pretty great.  You can use them without polluting the air, they are pretty easy to use and are mostly mobile.  You can use your gas heater wherever you like because it is mobile.  In fact these heaters are even perfectly fine for outside use.

These are some of the best heating solutions out there, not just because they work so great but because heating repair is entirely a possibility as long as you use a skillful repair company.

Essential Safety Items Every Home Should Have

House safety is a crucial step and every person should take it. As it is always a good idea to install safety stuff in your house to avoid mishaps like robbery or fire et cetera. Whenever you go out and leave your house alone, you always think about its protection. Take out some time from your busy routine for your house’s security and do a complete inspection of your house and think about its safety plan before it’s too late.

Essential Safety Items Every Home Should Have

Essential Safety Items Every Home Should Have

We are here to help you out from any perilous situation. Thus, read on and find out some items that will help in making your home secure:

Security system

Burglars are always waiting for you to leave your house alone so that they can go and rob your house. A house without a proper security system is easy to become a victim of a robbery. We suggest you install a burglar alarm in your home. And by doing that, you can sleep at night stress-free knowing your house is safe.

Whenever the alarm detects any unusual and suspicious movement, the alarm turns on. You can immediately call for rescue when you hear the sound.

Vehicle safety equipment

You do not want thieves to attack and get away with your car. So it is significant that you must make your garage protected. Install cameras and other safety systems in your car. Also, car robbery can take place anywhere outside your house. It is recommended to install a tracker in your car.

Vehicle safety equipment is not only limited to car security systems but also your safety. Your car must have first aid box every time. Numerous individuals own a motorbike, which is a somewhat dangerous ride. It is open and is more likely to get involved in an accident.

Motorbike injuries can directly target your head, back, legs or arms. Nowadays leather jackets are not only a fashion statement but the leather jackets are being specially designed for bikers to protect them from getting hurt in a road rash.

These jackets seem like ordinary leather jackets but are heavier than usual. They are comfortable, aerodynamic and good looking as well. They provide protection and prevent breaking of your bones during an accident situation.

Such leather jackets are the most popular all around the globe, especially for boys. Women version of the jackets is not much common but if any lady wants one then she can contact the retailer and ask if they could make one in a female version. Here on Bikers Basics, the top picks of leather jackets are:

  • Mossie Retro Premium Leather Jacket
  • Joe Rocket Superego
  • Cortech GX Air Series 2
  • Alpinestar Andes Drystar
  • Hot Leather Jacket with Double Piping
  • Milwaukee Crazy Horse
  • Hot Leathers Vented Jacket
  • Dainese Super Speed Textile Jacket

These jackets are not cheap at all but the investment is worth it. You can ride your bike with your jacket on and feel safe along with the stylish look.

Fire safety equipment

Fire can break out at houses due to electrical short-circuiting or house cooking. It is important to keep extinguishers at home so that in case of an emergency you can use them. Fire spreads out really quickly and waiting for a fire extinguisher will worsen the situation. Having fire extinguishers available at home let you cope up the fire before it is too late.

First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit in your house and make sure that it contains items like bandages, antiseptics, scissors, adhesive tapes, gauze pads, eyewashes, medicines, syrups and hand sanitizer.

Smoke detectors

Install some detectors at your home. Most fires can breakout at night without you knowing it. Smoke alarms will let you know and in this way, you can handle the situation before it gets too late.

6 Must Have Essentials for a Pretty Home Dresser

Your home dresser could either be a simple tabletop or a fully decorated makeup space with proper seating. You can make it however you like it.  Your dresser should be a space to feel inspired, get the confidence to start the day, and freshen up and glam up at home before the perfect night out.

Regardless of the size or kind of space you’ve got for yourself, as long as you have some dresser basics, all you need are few important pieces to decorate and set it into a more customized beauty space for yourself. With that said, here are 6 must-have essentials to put on your dresser for decoration, comfort, and just simple convenience as you start on your makeup routine.

6 Must Have Essentials for a Pretty Home Dresser

6 Must Have Essentials for a Pretty Home Dresser

Scented Candles

These babies make great decorations anywhere around your home, but they’re even better on your dresser. Try to pick candles that you’ll like sniffing as you move around the room. It’s great if you can pick some that come in beautifully designed jars to better decorate your dresser space while giving you that nice scent!

Flowers or Plants

Something like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers or some decent houseplants can basically add some fresh color to your dresser. You’ll definitely enjoy some suspended laboratory-type plant holders that are greater for giving a unique twist to any space.


Perfumes can help you get the early morning confidence boost you need. You can go for some of your go-to full-size perfume bottles, or add a variety of small samples to add more color and depth. Your dresser is the ideal place to set perfumes and body sprays for a morning spritz.  Those beautiful bottles can be just as decorative all on their own!

Jewelry Holders and Dishes

Another sophisticated touch you can add to complete your beautiful home dresser is jewelry.  You could go for a large jewelry box with gorgeous engravings or otherwise go for smaller jewelry boxes, trays, or dishes to keep the jewelry you use most often. That way you can grab them on the go.

Personalized Touches

Photos, concert tickets, movie stubs, and other small personal treasures can litter your dresser to give it that warm, comforting look so you feel refreshed in your home every day. You can also go for unique floating frames or simple photo stands since they use up little to no space while providing the option of full personal customization.

Makeup Mirror

Not only is it a makeup essential, but professional makeup mirrors can glam up your dresser for any event! To find the right mirror, you need to understand the basics first. Dream Makeup Mirror is an online blog site that elaborates on the various types and features of makeup mirrors for any beginners out there. You might be going for more decorative styles, or you’d rather prefer function of look for the ideal dresser experience.

Makeup mirrors come in different brands and types, all of which differ based on their LED lighting, magnification, size, design, material, power source, and many other important features and specifications.

All of these differ in price depending on the sort of packages and specs they provide. You need to focus on which mirror goes well with your dresser. Dream Makeup Mirror makes the task of choosing the right mirror by providing you a detailed buyer guide while also offering a list of some of the best mirror products out there, including but not limited to:

  • The Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror
  • The Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror
  • The Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

For more information on the different products and buying criteria, find out here.

A Home Based Business That Can Help You Save for Your Dream House

Buying a home of their own is everyone’s dream but unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to fulfill the dream especially if you don’t have any plan for any kinds of savings.

Most of the time, our nine to five jobs only help us make enough to make the ends meet that too with trouble if we have more bellies to fill.

One of the easy ways to keep a separate source of income that does not take a lot of time and keeps going on its own is to start a small self-sustaining home-based business.

The task of starting your own business is not difficult if you have the proper mindset and a little money for initial investment.

The best part of these businesses is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money and just within a few months you get the return and the profit starts pouring in.

Some of the businesses that are self-sustaining and don’t require a lot of work are:

Custom metal engraving:

Investing in a laser engraving machine can turn out to be one of the most profitable business because people never run out of the need to gift customized bracelets to their friends or the need to put up metal plates with their names engraved on it. From companies to individuals, everyone needs metal engraved products every now and then, moreover, the charm of customized products always compels people to buy things like these.

A Home Based Business That Can Help You Save for Your Dream House

A Home Based Business That Can Help You Save for Your Dream House

There are many companies and organizations that construct, design and manufacture laser cutting machines like a Boss Laser. They have all kinds of laser cutting machines including laser metal engraving machines as well. From engraving jewelry to firearms, everything can be done using these machines.

Since, the cost of these machines is too much, investing in them at an individual level can be very difficult which is why boss laser has its own set of rules related to finances which also allows individuals to lease the machine with no down payment at all. This is very beneficial to people new in the business as it helps them direct all their revenue to their profits.

The leasing process is based on converting the complete price into small payments which are easily affordable for anyone. This way, in the start the individual can gain profits and later on start the payments which do not fiddle with your monthly budget.

Party planner:

Parties never get old, from individuals to large organizations like embassies always need someone to plan their parties and its always small home-based businesses that are preferred as these people work with dedication and the price is not as high as other party planning companies.

From fundraisers to graduation to graduation parties and birthdays when do these parties stop? Never right? Hence, working as a party planner can turn out to be an ideal job for anyone who has the mindset for it.

The best part is, it hardly needs any investment other than your time and your energy to find the perfect caterers and florists. In the future, when your party planning business develops you can convert it into a party and wedding planning company.


If you are good with babies, cashing this trait of yours can lead to a very profitable business. This era is of working mothers who definitely need someone to take care of their little ones while they are at work. Most mothers are comfortable with daycares that are established at home because the child gets a home-like an environment. Moreover, if you are already a mother, you will have many things that can be used in your daycare and the investment you require will be next to nothing.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Living and eating healthily is important for everyone. The places that we live in should be clean and hygienic for the better health and comfort of everyone. Food is the source of everything for our bodies, providing energy and helping us grow. In this article, we are going to look at some of the health benefits of eating eggs.

Incredibly Nutritious

Eggs are very nutritious, coming with many nutrients such as:

  • Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA
  • Folate: 5% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA
  • Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA
  • Selenium: 22% of the RDA
  • Vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6, calcium and zinc
  • They have 77 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats.

Eggs have a little bit of almost every nutrient you need, with pastured or omega-3 enriched eggs turning out to be the best.

High in Cholesterol, but Don’t Adversely Affect Blood Cholesterol

Eggs are known to contain high levels of cholesterol, but the good news is that that cholesterol doesn’t raise the cholesterol in the blood.

Raise HDL (The “Good”) Cholesterol

High-density lipoprotein (HDL), is “good” cholesterol that lowers the chances of heart diseases, strokes, and other health problems. The good news here is that eggs are a good source of HDL, with two eggs increasing HDL levels by up to 10%.

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

The Best Chicken Incubators

We all know that eggs come from chicken, which are also another great source of nutrients. That is the reason why we are now going to look at the best incubators for chickens. With incubators, more chicks can be hatched safely, providing an even greater source of chicken and eggs.

Best Incubators Under $100

Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator

  • Fits four dozen regular sized chicken eggs;
  • Digital display which shows days to hatch, temperature and humidity;
  • ​Temperature warning light will flash if temperature drops below 97F or above 103F;
  • ​Large picture window with a 360-degree view;
  • ​Made from a durable plastic shell for easy cleaning;
  • Farm innovators model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator

This incubator can fit four dozen chicken eggs, and also eggs of other birds (by adjusting the tray separator to fit their sizes. It has a digital display that shows details like the temperature, humidity levels, and even a hatching handy countdown. The settings can be adjusted for different eggs it is made from durable plastic and is very user friendly. It also comes with a handy 360-degree window.

G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator

  • Two small viewing windows on top to experience the wonder;
  • Single level hatching design;
  • ​Wafer thermostat for proven accuracy;
  • ​Thermal airflow technology;
  • ​Features single incubator with no extra features;

The HovaBator is an affordable incubator and one of the most popular incubators. It comes with a sturdy construction. One has to check on and turn the eggs over manually, making it the perfect choice for those that like getting hands on with their work.

Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

  • Small and convenient design fits 12 eggs at once;
  • Automatic egg turner inside to avoid breakages from manual turning;
  • ​Digital and fully automatic functions including temperature controlling for each species of egg;
  • Constructed of durable PP+ABS material and easy to clean and maintain;

This is a modern and compact automatic incubator. It fits 12 standard size chicken eggs and comes with digital and automatic functions. It features an automatic egg Turner and temperature control. Rated one of the best egg incubators, this incubator offers excellent value for money.

Best Incubators Over $100

HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit

  • Complete kit with egg incubator, forced air fan kit, automatic egg turner, digital thermometer, and digital hygrometer;
  • Sanitary liner for easy cleaning;
  • ​Two 5 x 4” viewing windows for education purposes or personal watching;
  • 110V capacity with ability to upgrade to 220/240V with converter

This HovaBator product features an incubator, a digital thermometer and hygrometer for setting ideal conditions, automatic egg Turner, and a forced air fan kit. With all of these and the sanitary liner built in, you’ve got one of the simplest products are for successfully hatching eggs. It offers good value for money.

Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

  • Will fit 24 chicken eggs inside and can be adjusted for other egg sizes;
  • Automatic egg turning capabilities;
  • ​Highly accurate digital control system which shows temperature and humidity;
  • ​Automatic humidity control with optional Advance Humidity Pump available;
  • Hygienic and durable ABS plastics construction for easy cleaning and maintenance;

This is a high quality incubator that offers accurate conditions for egg hatching. It is more expensive than the other incubators reviewed here but excellent value for money. This is a fully automatic system that is easy to use, clean, and set. It comes with everything needed, meaning you won’t need to buy other accessories. This mini incubator can fit two dozen eggs and comes with adjustable egg trays.


Eggs are very healthy and contain a little of all the nutrients that we need for our bodies. They are probably the riches foods when it comes to nutrients although people shouldn’t eat too many of them. They can hatch them into chicken using the incubators reviewed above.

Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

When we are building houses, it is important to consider having child-friendly spaces in the house. Despite the fact that children probably spend a lot of time at school, but a considerable amount of time is also spent at home. In this article, we are going to take a look at some ways to make your home child friendly.

Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

Embrace the silly

Life is too short to be serious all the time, and that is the reason why you should consider things that are amusing, such as silly elements. These silly elements can come in the form of animal stuffing’s, art, and even wallpaper.

Get the kids involved in decor decisions

When you’re designing the house, it is important to involve the children, letting them choose what they want, and even involving them in the décor.

Create a space for them to read and chill

As the children grow, their minds are always on the go, the reason why they should be encouraged to relax, read, or look through picture books. Creating a space for this in the house can go a long way in helping them.

Adults keep out

It’s important to give children their own space, where they can play and store their things. This will keep their creativity in one room, making it a win win situation for all of you.

Bring nature into their spaces

It is a great idea to bring plants into the home since they have positive effects on the mind, and are also a good source of oxygen. It would probably be better to have kids take responsibility for their plants in their spaces.

Aosom Elite II Bike Trailer

Bike trailers offer a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your kids if they’re too small, since you can ride your bike with them in the trailer. The Aosom Trailer II comes with a flexible 3 in 1 design; a trailer, stroller and jogger. It has a front tire with a lockable swivel. Available on Amazon, this Aosom Elite II bike trailer is available in four colors, namely blue, yellow, red/black, and white/black. The red/black model is the most economical. This trailer is durable and comfortable, giving your kids the opportunity to spend more time with you out there. It is an affordable bike trailer retailing at between $150 and $160 on Amazon.


  • Flexible front tire
  • Double child design
  • ​Color choices
  • ​Full suspension system
  • ​Brake system


  • 4 color choices
  • Easy to assemble and set up, with no tools required
  • Comfortable design and can be used conveniently on most terrains
  • 88-lb limit allows two small children to fit comfortably
  • Versatile front wheel allowing use for jogging, trailing, and strolling


Making child friendly spaces in the home is very important for those with kids, since they need their space to grow and just be kids. You can also create space for the kids when you’re outside jogging, riding, or strolling by getting the kids bike trailers that you can hitch to your bike, keeping them safe and comfortable.