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Don’t miss our amazing Free Seminars at one of our presentation areas, The Celebrity Superhouse Theatre, the Better Living Boomer Stage, and our Decorating by Design Stage. Meet, be inspired and learn the latest tricks, tips and know how’s from this seasons largest line up of Celebrity Experts.  

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Bryan Baeumler 
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre 
Sunday Nov. 10 at 12:30pm 

How to avoid the major pitfalls of home renovations!

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Scott M 149x300 Celebrity ExpertsScott McGillivray
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Saturday Nov. 9 at  1:30pm

The Top 5 Returns on a Renovations

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Paul Lafrance 12 1024 199x300 Celebrity ExpertsPaul Lafrance
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Friday, Nov 8 at 4:30 pm 

The Backyard Revolution 

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1 Jane Lockhart Headshot 2013 238x300 Celebrity Experts

Jane Lockhart
Decorating By Design Stage
Friday, Nov 8 at 2:00 pm 

Fabric Forecast – What’s new, what’s coming in fashionable fabrics for the home. 
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Shawn Monteith 682x1024 Celebrity ExpertsShawn Monteith
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Thursday, Nov 7 at 12:00 pm and
Saturday, Nov. 9 at 4:30 pm  

Save Money, Save Time, DIY Tips & Tricks with Canada’s Handyman!

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Mark Atiyolil Celebrity ExpertsMark Atiyolil
Decorating by Design Stage
Saturday Nov. 9 at  3:30pm

Budget-Friendly Holiday Overhaul
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 Lynn Spence 2012 Celebrity ExpertsLynn Spence
 Decorating by Design Stage 
 Sunday Nov. 10 at 12:00pm and 2:45pm 

 Holiday Decorating School

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 Vicky 338 214x300 Celebrity ExpertsVicky Sanderson 
 Decorating by Design Stage
 Thursday Nov. 7 at 3:30pm

 Cozy, Candlelit and Carefree…
 How to Ease into Winter in Style

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cid 9F174E0B2B82468194336E93074C3C33@PAT 200x300 Celebrity ExpertsMary Dobson
Decorating by Design Stage 
Thursday Nov. 7 at 2:00pm

Taking the Anxiety out of choosing window coverings
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Donna Robertson 200x300 Celebrity ExpertsDonna Robertson
Decorating by Design Stage 
Friday Nov. 8 at 12:00pm 

The Top 10 Ways to Pick the Right Colour the First Time  

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Jackie Morra 215x300 Celebrity ExpertsJackie Morra
Decorating by Design Stage 
Thursday Nov. 7 at 12:00pm and

Celebrity Superhouse Theatre

Sunday Nov. 10 at 3:00pm

Transform your home. Your style . Your self.
Decorating Essentials with Jackie Morra

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nicholas Celebrity ExpertsNicholas Rosaci
Decorating by Design Stage
Friday, Nov 8 at 3:30 pm

DIY the Halls!

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Kimberley Seldon 300x276 Celebrity ExpertsKimberley Seldon
Decorating by Design Stage
Sat. Nov. 9 at  2:00pm and 4:30pm

 A Triumph of Style over Size
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  frank ferragine large Celebrity Experts   Frank Ferragine
     Decorating by Design Stage
     Sunday Nov. 10 at 1:30pm
     and 4:00pm

     Indoors Out – Urn & Entrances
     Get Great Xmas
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Rob Koci Editorial pic 769x1024 Celebrity ExpertsRobert Koci
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Thursday, Nov. 7 at 1:30pm
When the Contractor Interviews You? What to do or Say!

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Better Living Boomer Show

Sue 2 copy 704x1024 Celebrity Experts

Sue Coleman
Better Living Boomer Stage
Saturday Nov. 7 at  12:00pm

Buying Property Offshore – Safely and Securely’

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stephen v2 214x300 Celebrity Experts

Stephen Puddister
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre 
Thursday Nov. 7 at  4:30pm and
Friday, Nov.  8 at 3:00pm 

Protecting your investment when hiring a contractor for your home renovations  



Tony Aspler 225x300 Celebrity Experts

Tony Aspler

 Better Living Boomer Stage 
 Saturday, Nov. 9 at 3:00pm

 How to Taste Like a Pro

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linda Celebrity ExpertsLinda Googh
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Thurs. Nov. 7 at 3:00pm &
Sun. Nov. 10 at 1:45pm

Seminar: Stressflexology

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EveryAngle logo  300x127 Celebrity Experts logo Celebrity ExpertsWaypointers Web 2 300x94 Celebrity Experts


BryanPlumstead.2010 2 199x300 Celebrity ExpertsBryan Plumstead 
Grey County

Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Friday, Nov. 8 at 12:00pm 

Cycling in Grey County
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 Grey county Celebrity Experts


DrMadison 2 282x300 Celebrity Experts

Dr. Vera Madison
Celebrity Superhouse Theatre
Friday, Nov. 8 at 1:30pm

Turing Back the Clock with the Latest Non-invasive Medical Treatments

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AboutUs Games logo 300x111 Celebrity ExpertsPRIZES at the SHOW! 10 Lucky audience members will have a chance to win some great prizes throughout the 4-day event! About Us – Boomer Edition is an engaging trivia game about Canada’s baby boomers (plus those older!).

AboutUs Box 3D1 300x280 Celebrity Experts

Based on a nationwide survey, this card game is chock-full of AMAZING and AMUSING data about boomers and up. It’s the perfect cocktail game! (short on rules and long on laughter), great for casual entertaining and an ideal boomer gift . www.aboutusgames.ca