How to Create a Happy Home for Your Outdoors Dog

There is quite a lot of debate on whether dog’s should be allowed indoors or should be kept outdoors.  Most pet lovers will include their dogs in every aspect of their family.  They live inside the house, have their own comfy beds in the bedroom and even share family time during the evenings.  There is, however a lot of reasons some people won’t allow their dogs inside such as;

  • The dog’s purpose is to be a guard dog and needs to be outside to see what is going on in the yard
  • Some people are allergic to fur and as much as they want to, they simply cannot allow their furry friends inside the home
  • Some dogs just don’t grasp the whole potty training thing, no matter how hard the owner tried
  • Some dogs are simply too wild and messy to be kept inside
  • Some dogs might get claustrophobic and will destroy anything that comes in their path when they feel an attack coming on
  • Rescued dogs can be a danger to small kids if they have never been taught to deal with small children
  • Your dog might just be too big for the small house

Whatever your reason may be for not allowing your dog into the house probably does not mean that you love your furry friend any less than those who include their dogs inside the house.  There are some ways in which you can make your outdoors dog’s life as comfortable as it would have been if the pet was living inside the house.

How to Create a Happy Home for Your Outdoors Dog

Get an elevated dog bowl for large dogs

Elevated pet bowls, feeders and waterers have a lot of benefits to your dog such as the prevention of stomach knotting and heartburn.  Elevated dog bowls are also great for keeping insects out of the dog’s food so your dog can enjoy clean kibble all day long.  The elevated dog bowls are also a lot harder to tip over so you can rest assure knowing that your dog will have sufficient food and water all day long.  Just be sure to put your pet bowl in a shady spot so your dog’s food won’t spoil and so his water will be nice and cool during hot days.

Get a nice and comfortable doggy home

Doggy homes are specially designed to keep your dog nice and snug during the winter and cool during hot summer days.  A doggy house will also keep your dog safe against windstorms, hail and rain.  Just be sure to wash your doggy home out regularly because nasty insects and spiders have a tendency to infest these dwellings.

Doggie pools

A dog pool is the perfect solution for dogs with a lot of fur.  You can get a built in doggy pool so your dog can cool down at any time it likes.  Swimming is great exercise for dogs but to ensure that your dog is safe from drowning, you either have to make step provisions for your dog or get a nice and shallow pool.