Ramsin Khachi

Ramsin Khachi 225x300 Ramsin Khachi The International Home Show is pleased to present
Ramsin Khachi

Superhouse Celebrity Theatre

Seminar Topic: Lifestyle Trends & How to apply them
to your Home Renovation, with a special emphasis
on Bathrooms. 


Seminar: Ramsin Khachi takes you on a home renovation tour and discusses the lifestyle trends of today and how it impacts your renovation decisions.

BIO: From real estate sales, commercial design / construction to building custom homes, Ramsin’s experience has brought to fruition a once small, one-man construction company, into a full service Design/Build firm.

A leader in his field, Ramsin’s unparalleled integrity for quality and his knowledge of construction has made him prominent member of the design community. Ramsin frequently lectures at public forums and to professional organizations such as “The Ontario Home Builders Association” and “The Canadian Home Builders Association.”

In the media, Ramsin shares his wisdom in design construction and décor on the Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. Along with his many other public appearances, Ramsin has also been seen on CityTv’s, “CityLine” as their in house design expert for over a decade. Known for his vivacious personality and distinctive style, he educates the viewers on design trends, innovative products & the latest in techie gadgets.

8 Ways to Have Fun When It’s Raining

If you are not working then why not give a few of these a try!!

surfing the net 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining1. It’s time to surf the web.  This is a great chance to browse the web, chat with friends, play games or add songs to your iPod. 



cooking with rasberries 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining2. Have a cook-off! Use new Pinterest recipe’s that you have been posting or pull out an old cook book with old family recipes, then go shopping for the ingredients and you are good to go.



friends 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining3. Invite a friend(s) over. The best to make the time go by faster to the enjoyment of family or friends!




Dancing in the rain 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining4. When was the last time you danced in the rain?




kitty playing 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining4. Play with your Dog/Cat. If you have one, this can be a good time to catch up on some grooming, play games and a little cat chat. No one like to play with a cheating kitty



Conquer your messy closet 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining5. How about a Clean Up! It doesn’t sound that fun BUT put your favourite songs on and  tackle a closet or two,  you might fish out that favourite outfit for summer.



Superman 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining6. Movie Marathon. Start sorting through your old/new favourite movies and plan to spend the rest of your day as a coach potato. Going to the movies is a good idea too!



let the rain kiss you 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining7. Do-it-Yourself Projects. The perfect opportunity to start a small project. Lots of great ideas on our pinterest board like sharpie projects. http://pinterest.com/intlhomeshow/do-it-yourself/



kindle e reader 150x150 8 Ways to Have Fun When Its Raining8. Indulge in reading! Pick up that book/e-reader you have been meaning to finish. Get all cozy and comfy and give the mind some quality time.

Janice Lindsay “All About Colour”

Janice Lindsay 269x300 Janice Lindsay All About Colour

The Interior Decorating Show is pleased to present Janice Lindsay.  CDECA will be sponsoring Janice Lindsay’s presentation of her latest book “All About Colour”. Join Janice Lindsay on Colour to hear all about colour trends and how you can incorporate them into your life. Following this talk,

Seminar: Saturday Nov. 3 at 5:30pm


Janice will be available to sign copies of her book in the CDECA booth #180.

To find an CDECA accredited decorator, please visit http://www.cdeca.com/en/find-a-decorator.CDECA web1 Janice Lindsay All About Colour

BIO: Janice Lindsay is one of Canada’s leading colour designers, with a wealth of experience in residenial, commercial and institutional projects. She is a colour consultant for PPG Pittsburgh Paints and travels the continent speaking about colour and design.

portfolio colour red 7 Janice Lindsay All About Colour  portfolio kids 9 300x199 Janice Lindsay All About Colour