Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Should you hire professional movers, or should you move your stuff by yourself when you’re moving to a new house or office? In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why it is important for you to hire professional movers.


Packing accounts for a majority of the moving expense, and you will find that if you do the packing yourself, chances are that you’ll use more boxes than the professionals. Fragile belongings could get damaged due to poor packing. Let the professionals do it for you since they are trained at it and will do it much faster than you.

Know-how of the locality

Professional moving companies know their way around the routes and neighborhoods to ensure that your things are safely dispatched and transported.

Your belongings are safe and insured

The safety of your belongings is of paramount concern to the movers, and when they are with movers, they are insured. They wrap your things in heavy duty wrappers, sealing them from dust and dirt.

Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Use of the right equipment

A do-it-yourself approach is fine but you’ll find that if you were to borrow a truck from a friend, it would not come properly equipped to move your stuff safely. Professionals come with the right gadgets making the move easier. They use things like hoisting straps, two wheels, four wheel or appliance dollies, ramps and custom built trucks with air ride cushions, ensuring that your stuff is safely transported.

Straight forward estimates

Forget about hidden costs when using professional movers since you’ll discuss moving and service cost before moving begins.

Friendly customer service

Being trained professionals, these movers will not only provide you with the necessary services, they also have an impeccable customer service rating. They are easy to approach, and they also provide suggestions and solutions to your moving problems.

Flexible storage facilities

In the event that you might have to store your things since you’ll have to reach your destination at a further date, they will provide you with storage facilities, with overnight, short-term or long-term options. There will be storage charges, but the good thing is that you know that your stuff is safe.

Augusta Movers

In the event that you come from Toronto and you’re planning on moving, you’re in luck because Augusta Movers are there to come to your rescue. They offer residential moving, commercial moving, small business moves, storage, boxes and packing supplies. They are very affordable and their moving supplies can be delivered right on your door step. You now no longer have to worry about where your surround sound system or smart TV’s will be stored during the move. Check out some of their moving kit packages below:
Small Moving Kit
This package is perfect for moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment and comes at a cost of $219.
Medium Moving Kit
This package provides you with everything you need to move if you only have 2 bedrooms, and comes at a cost of $349.
Large Moving Kit
This is perfect for everything in a 3-bedroom house, apartment, or condo, and comes at a cost of $469.
X-Large Moving Kit
Here’s everything you’ll need for a big move, coming at a cost of $619.


It is to your advantage to opt for a moving company to transport your stuff when moving, as you’ll note from the advantages above. If you’re located in the Toronto area, there is no better packaging companies Toronto, other than the Augusta Movers.