Bathroom Design Trends to Consider For Your 2019 Home Improvement

Your bathroom isn’t the space that you renovate every other year.  These types of home improvements are quite expensive and the renovation process is very disruptive, especially if you don’t have more than one bathroom in the house.

If you are busy redesigning your bathroom then you have to choose smart and you have to ensure that the overall design works great.  No one likes to spend time in a crammed in the bathroom and adding bathroom ware in the wrong spot can have a huge impact on the functionality, space and look of your bathroom.

One of the hardest parts of designing a new bathroom is to find a trend or style that works for you and your home.  Here are a few of the latest bathroom trends to consider for your home improvements.

Bathroom Design Trends to Consider For Your 2019 Home Improvement

Bathroom Design Trends to Consider For Your 2019 Home Improvement

The Tub Is the Main Focus

In modern bathroom trends, a lot of focus surrounds the bathtub.  This luxurious area is after all your little comfort zone where you will spend lots of hours soaking and relaxing.  There are lots of different types of bathtubs you can consider for your homes such as freestanding, clawfoot, drop-in, walk-in and recessed bathtubs that all look absolutely glorious and that feature a wide range of different bathtub designs in each category.  If you are not sure what type of bathtub to choose then read this Bathing Guide.  This guide features info on the best bathtubs to consider for your home.

Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets are becoming very trendy in 2019.  They used to be reserved for modern homes but are now found in a lot more homes.  If you are looking for a modern touch in your bathroom then you can definitely consider these toilets.

Side Mounted Mixer Taps

By now you are all too familiar with that central mixer tap at your kitchen sink but side fitted mixer taps are becoming more popular because they are more convenient to use since the mixer spout cannot get in your way while you are cleaning and grooming.

Dam-Free Showers

In 2019 everyone seems to be in love with an open feel bathroom and dam-free showers are pretty popular right now.  Instead of the usual shower floor tub, these bathrooms have angled floors that lead to a drain and open showers.  This design plan makes it pretty easy to keep your bathrooms nice and clean.

Floor-To-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosures

The time for those boxed in glass showers is reaching its end.  We are now in love with those big glass panels that reach to the top of your ceiling complete with a shower door for a seamless look.

Marble Walls

Marble is back in fashion and with modern tougher vinyl wallpaper rolls in so many different colors and designs, it is now possible to create a seamless marble bathroom that looks incredible.

Oddly Shaped Tiles

More and more people are switching over to alternative tile shapes instead of using the traditional square design.  We love long skinny tiles, diamond-shaped tiles and we especially adore fish scale design tiles in the bathroom.

Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2017

Every year brings in new trends in design. Some of the top trends in 2017 related specifically to bathroom design, making it easy to update your space in notable ways. To help you determine if some of the top trends in bathroom design are right for you and your home, here are some worth considering for your next update or remodel.

Satin Brass

Brass has been advancing as a trend over the past few years, making regular appearances in kitchens and bathrooms. However, the most sought after finish doesn’t always remain consistent. This year, satin brass is making the biggest statement. The overall look to somewhat muted while still providing the warmth one would expect from this golden tone. Additionally, satin can be easier to care for as it doesn’t show fingerprints or small blemishes as easily as its polished counterpart.

Upcycled Vanities

Many people are turning their back on traditional store-bought vanities in favor of upcycling other cabinets, dressers, consoles, or even filing cabinets into unique bathroom vanities. Often, the conversion is fairly simply, though it does require the use of various tools to make adjustments for piping. However, the end result can be particularly stunning and certainly creates a one-of-a-kind piece for whomever is up for the challenge.

Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2017

Showers with an Outdoor Feel

Many homeowners love the idea of having an outdoor shower. But, unless you live in an ideal climate, these aren’t always practical additions to a home. However, you can create a similar feel by placing showers near private, outdoor courtyards. This way, you can use crystal clear glass to give the impression that the shower is part of the outdoors without having to restrict its use to only the best weather conditions. Make sure your shower features doors from shower screen manufacturer Rockingham Glass and you can allow the outdoor view to be enjoyed from any point within your bathroom instead of just the shower.


Marble is seeing a resurgence in bathrooms across the country. Often, the lighter tone of traditional white marble make a space feel clean and sleek. Additionally, the rising popularity of white within home décor and design makes marble a logical choice for those who prefer to use natural materials in their designs.

The material is highly versatile depending on how it is cut and used. Many people can find uses for marble on floors, counters, and walls. Additionally, the available patterns can fit any design style from traditional to modern contemporary.

White on White

Using a combination of whites as an entire color palette has become increasingly popular. The trick is to find tones that complement each other to ensure the space looks refined and not overly sterile. Add some natural wood and linen tones and you can create a serene space that is also highly adaptable. Simply adjust the accessories and you can update the room for any season or future trends.

Bright Colors

For those not interested in following the tame white trend, bright colors are also highly popular this year. Jewel tones across the color spectrum are showing up in homes across the nation and can be especially appropriate in rooms like bathrooms that often get little attention in comparison to some other spaces. Additionally, they can be great rooms to experiment a bit, so don’t be afraid to go bold or whimsical with the overall design.