Multipurpose Your Garage into an Indoor Basketball Court

The garage is one of your home’s additions that have the most possibility.  There is so much you can do to maximize your garage space.  Most home owners utilize this space by adding storage solutions so they can stock up on extra home gear that isn’t permanently in use.  For some home owners their garage doubles as a gym.  But for a basketball lover the garage is the perfect space to create an indoor mini basketball court that you can use to get fit and enjoy your favorite sport at any time you like.

How to create a multipurpose garage

Most garages already serve multipurpose because the vehicle is stored there and sometimes the garage is also used as a repair center, a storage facility and more.  To transform your garage into a basic indoor basketball court you don’t need much more than space, paint and a basketball hoop.  Paint basketball outlines on your floor, add a hoop and take out the cars whenever you want to enjoy a game.

Multipurpose Your Garage into an Indoor Basketball Court

Best ideas for your indoor basketball court

As a basketball lover you probably realize that a few extras can help you get so much more from your playing experience and that is exactly why the following ideas are terrific for creating a much better looking basketball area in the garage;

Paint concrete to look like wood – Most basketball courts have wooden flooring but natural wood or laminated flooring isn’t suitable for the weight of a vehicle.  If you have your heart set on that hardwood vibe then you can always paint your concrete floors to look like wood by using a rubber wood grove tool and by sealing it all off.

Include your measurements – It might be a good idea to get your basketball floor measurements painted before you seal off your concrete floor paint.

Get a roll up rubber mat – The concrete floor is probably perfectly fine with your car but the car can make a mess of your polished floors.  Invest in a roll up rubber mat so the car won’t scratch your concrete paint and so you can clear the floor easily for a quick game.

De-clutter – Of course you will need to declutter as much as possible.  Get rid of all of your unnecessary stuff and consider a mobile storage area in the back yard for all of your tools and extras so your garage – a.k.a. basketball court – will look clean and tidy. 

Get the right basketball gear – Shopping the right basketball gear is great fun.  On B BallWorld you can check out the best indoor basketballs, hoops and get some great tips on basketball training sessions and extra gear.

Dedicated basketball wall – Your indoor basketball court will look a lot snazzier if you display your basketball gear on the wall.  Add some brackets where you can stash your basketballs, Converse sneakers, towels and any other fitness gear you might want to use during practice sessions. 

Style with a bit of wall décor – Use your basketball court to display all of your favorite signed basketball posters or vests for an extra touch of quality and style.