How to Create the Perfect Shipping Container She-Shed for Your Garden

Women across the globe are becoming obsessed with she sheds.  With a she-shed, you have a safe and cozy area to pursue lots of exciting hobbies such as painting and crafting and some women simply want a she-shed so they can sit comfortably in a place of their very own to have a chat with friends.

Shipping containers are some of the best constructions you can use for creating a she-shed.  These containers can be converted in a number of different ways and with different sized containers or the ability to stack containers, you can create any sized she-shed you need.

How to Create the Perfect Shipping Container She-Shed for Your Garden

How to Create the Perfect Shipping Container She-Shed for Your Garden

If you want to create the perfect container she shed for your garden then you can certainly keep the following concepts and tips in mind.

Get New Seals

If you are using an old container then the first thing you need to do is to get shipping container seals.  The last thing you want is to get expensive equipment and furniture or beautiful artworks ruined by a rain storm. New seals and door gaskets will protect and seal out water and other elements from your container.  This will ensure that your she-shed stays dry and dust free at all times.

Install Big Glass Sliding Doors

One of the most preferred characteristics of a she-shed is big glass sliding doors.  These large doors allow lots of natural sunlight into your shed and make it easy for you to create an outdoor work area or to seal off your work area when it is cold.  Lots of glass windows and big glass sliding doors will also transform your container from dull to very modern and stylish.

Get Light Timber Floors

Install light colored timber flooring to enhance the feel of class and style in your container.  Wood accents results in a calm feeling work area and a light colored floor will brighten up your work area.

Create a Roof Lounge

Your shipping container is strong enough to be stacked which means it is also strong enough to be converted into a double story building.  Install a railing on the roof and a staircase and you will have even more space to use.  You can create a beautiful outdoor lounge where you can entertain friends.

Add a Wooden Deck

Install a wooden deck in front of your container so you can keep dirt out of your she-shed and so you can create a more beautiful overall design for your work area.

Lots of Lightning

Add lots of lighting inside your container.  It might also be a good idea to install beautiful outdoor lanterns or lights to the sides of your entry point.  Beautiful lighting can enhance the look of your container shed quite a lot even in day time.

Choose Quality Interior Furniture

Be picky when it comes to your interior furniture.  A lovely strong desk, comfortable couch, beautiful artworks, and a nice rug will make a huge difference in the look of your shed where using odd and mismatched furniture can result in a cheap and dull looking work area.