10 Most Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Fresh Home Ideas

Instagram is one of the most popular social media accounts in the world.  It is great fun to check out some images posted by top instagram users, to follow your favorite celebrity figures or to simply keep an eye on some frenemies that might be causing trouble in your relationship or life.

Instagram is also a pretty handy tool to use if you are looking for some home improvement ideas or for some fresh redecorating tips to freshen up or revamp your home.  Here are some of the most inspiring Instagram accounts to follow if you are always looking for great ideas to improve your home.

10 Most Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Fresh Home Ideas

10 Most Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Fresh Home Ideas

The Gathered Home

If you want a beautiful and classy home then this is the right page to follow.  Brynne Delerson is constantly sharing some home decorating ideas on her page and you can check out some pretty fantastic vintage furniture pieces and home collections on some of her posts.

Ugly Duckling DIY

DIY enthusiasts cannot get enough of this account.  Sarah Fogle is constantly sharing some pretty fantastic DIY home renovation projects that you can actually do yourself.  She loves to turn junk into beautiful works of art and is constantly sharing some tutorials on DIY projects you can take on yourself to improve your home.

Pennies into Pearls

If you want to renovate your home on a tight budget then you can definitely follow this account.   This account features lots of ideas on how to convert junk and antiques into functional furniture or decorating items for your home.

The Spruce Makes

Interior decorators love the inspiring images and ideas they get from this account and you will love some of the concepts and ideas on The Spruce Makes as well when you start following this account.

Sun Soul Style

This account by interior designer Christina Higham shows you how to transform plain and ordinary spaces into beautiful luxurious and classy areas.

House Beautiful

This magazine is one of the best to read for home improvement tips and you can also check out their account for some pretty fantastic and fresh ideas on a regular basis.  Alternatively, you can subscribe and get a House Beautiful magazine delivered to your door each and every month for plenty of fresh inspiration.

The Modern House

This Instagram account focuses on property sales but they do offer some great interior decorating and home inspiration ideas that you can adopt into your own home whether you are aiming for improvement or a quicker home sale.

Mad About the House

Kate Watson Smyth isn’t just an interior decorator, she also has a bestselling book and her Instagram is packed with all the best decorating ideas and concepts that are bound to inspire a pretty fabulous house.

Ledge Love Space

If you love neutral color pallets then you will love the ideas featured on this Instagram account.  The stylish ideas and pattern concepts are brilliant and this account is packed with lots of brilliant home improvement and styling ideas.

That 1920s House

If you love watching home renovation projects in progress then this is the right page to follow.  You might just get some good ideas of your own and can see what it takes to create a beautiful home of your own.

How To Decorate Your New Home – Amazing Tips and Ideas

As it has always been imperative to live in a beautiful environment around us, it’s also important to live in a beautiful house decorated according to your preferences. Especially when you buy your house after a lot of hard work it’s time to cherish all the struggle you did for buying the house. For that, you have to give your utmost attention to your house. You need to initiate with planning and markings the areas for a specific purpose.

How To Decorate Your New Home - Amazing Tips and Ideas

How To Decorate Your New Home – Amazing Tips and Ideas

For some advice, here is a piece of amazing tips to help you initiate your home designing:

Find your room’s focal point

The center point is the important core of your room. It doesn’t have to be in the middle, it can be any wall. First thing, you need to make sure is to decide the purpose of the room you want to use it for. Then, for instance, if you want to make it a study room, you can make a bookshelf your focal point. Now, enhance the effect of the study room by painting the rest of the walls with reading stuff.

You can also use a huge mirror or a large artwork for your walls or even make your room a fireplace; keeping rest of your walls white and giving a slight orange touch to give the fire effect.

Play Colors with Contrast

Colors add beauty to life and give the refreshing look of your house. Especially when a good contrast is selected, it makes your room look bigger and brighter. However, for that reason, you have to initiate with planning the theme of your room and the purpose you want to use it for. For instance, for the kitchen, you can use metallic shades and for the lounge, you can use bright colors. Paint smaller rooms with lighter shades to make them look bigger and brighter. Most importantly go for contrast, the better the contrast is, the best is the appearance.


When talking about flooring there are several options, as you can go for hardwood flooring, rugs, beautiful tiles, carpeted flooring, etc. You can use same patterned rugs to cover your floor or you can add fun and functionality by mixing patterns, colors, fabric, and contrast to your floor rugs. Options are endless. All you have to do is to dress up your hallways according to your personality and choice.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings give a beautiful enchanting look to the wall. Big mirror on one wall makes it look decent and attractive. Not only this, you can also hang some beautiful paintings or some antique wall hanging according to the color of the wall. Beautiful, wall clocks especially covering the entire wall give your room a very elegant look.

Wood pellet

When talking about wood pellet, let us first tell you the use of it. It is used for cooking, heating and even it generates electricity that runs on wood pellet fuel. Wood pellets are environmentally friendly and enhance the appearance of your kitchen. There are two types of wood pellets in market “Hardwood” and “softwood” pellets.

Softwood is widely used for home reheating purpose and the hardwood pellets are used for cooking applications. Now, there are three other types of pellets that are also used as heating devices. These include pellet stoves, pellet boilers, and pellet stove inserts. Visit myhomeproduct.com to find out more about these.

Pellet stoves are a modern outlook of the original wood stove in the sense that they do not allow clogging and almost no ash and emissions from it. You also have the option of regulating the temperature of the food while cooking due to fans, thermostat, and a circuit board, which work together in harmony. Pellet boilers and baskets are also examples of advanced technology that have replaced the traditional wood pellets.

Pellet fuels are instances of biofuels that consist of biomass as well as organic matter. They help in reducing the fumes that usually arise from usual stoves. The compact technology and portable facility of wood pellets allow us to live a convenient life with no fumes issues.