Healthy Diet Challenges to Adopt In Your Home

Modern kitchens and appliances make it so easy to prepare healthier foods.  With the right kitchen design and appliances you can adopt just about any modern diet and prepare these health foods all on your own in the comfort of your home.  There are lots of effective diets or eating habits that you can try if you want to lose some weight or body build and some of these diet types are even practical for entire families because they are focused on nourishment instead of calorie counting.   Here are the best diets challenges that you can adopt with foods that you can easily prepare in your own home;

Healthy Diet Challenges to Adopt In Your Home

Healthy Diet Challenges to Adopt In Your Home

The 28 Day Keto Challenge

The ketogenic diet is one of the best diets for families.  This diet involves consuming lots of fats and proteins while minimizing carbohydrates from your diet.  The diet is safe for children because these little ones require natural fats, lots of protein and veggies in order to grow.  It is also great for adults who want to body build because you consume lots of protein to fuel strong muscles.  To find out more about this diet or to learn why so many find this diet effective for bodybuilding you can check out the 28-Day Keto Challenge Review.

The Paleo Diet

The Palaeolithic diet or caveman diet might be a good solution for you if you don’t like spending lots of time cooking healthy meals.  This diet method involves eating foods that were available to humans during the Palaeolithic age.  This means you need to focus on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and roots and you can consume meats but should exclude all processed foods such as dairy products, grains, processed oils and more.  The paleo diet is excellent for those with sensitivities to preservatives and chemicals which might also make it very practical for children.

The Low Carb Diet

This diet allows you to consume meats but excludes most carbohydrate foods.  When you are following this diet you need to restrict foods such as pasta and bread.  You can consume proteins, fats and healthy low carb vegetables.  Studies have found that the low carb diet or avoiding carbohydrates in general help a great deal in weight loss. Low carb diets are not preferable for young children but are perfect for adults looking to lose weight.

The PN Mixed Meal Diet

The post-workout plate is focused on eating according to your body’s metabolic response to exercise.  The diet mostly includes starchy carbohydrates, protein and a mix of fruits and vegetables.  In this meal plan, you eat according to your workout program.  The tougher your workout is the more you can consume.  You also have rules to follow.  For example; you need to stop eating when you are 80% full, eat outside so you can absorb vitamin D, mind your portion size and focus on foods that aren’t over processed.

The Portion Control Strategy

There are some families that just don’t have the time or money to cook off a menu.  In these cases, it is probably best to simply start following portion control rules.  You can eat any types of food you like but need to adhere to strict rules.  For example, a good portion of meat doesn’t exceed your palm size.  Your plate should be loaded with half vegetables, quarter carbs and quarter protein in good portion sizes.  You can only consume a certain amount of fats and butter per serving.  You are only allowed to eat a number of daily servings and snacks.