Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Imagine looking for a property lawyer only to find one that is a total let down, doesn’t know how to analyze situations, and can’t even convince the court of certain actions? That is probably a lawyer that lacks the qualities of a good lawyer. There are qualities that every good lawyer must possess in order for the lawyer to succeed. In this article, we will be discussing the qualities that every good lawyer should have.

Qualities of a Good Lawyer
Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Good communication skills

A lawyer isn’t a good lawyer if they lack good communication skills, be it listening or talking. The communication skills can be learned over time through things like public speaking and debates. Communication is also about written skills, which should be as good as the spoken skills, clear, concise, and very persuasive.


A good lawyer will assess the information given to them and know how to make judgements. They should be able to Spot any weaknesses easily and also make critical judgements. In law, indecision isn’t an option.

Analytical skills

Any good lawyer should be able to absorb a lot of information and get the information that they need to use from it. this calls for analytical and out of the box thinking. They should be able to evaluate situations based on the information gathered.

Research skills

All good lawyers know that research is a must. They need to gather as much information as possible regarding cases, scaling the information down to only what is relevant to the case.

People skills

People skills are one of the core components of a good lawyer. How the lawyer relates to other people, how persuasive they are, how convincing they are to the jurors, witnesses, clients, and other people concerned with the cases. A lawyer that lacks people skills will find it very hard to succeed in the competitive world of law.

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We have looked at the qualities of a good lawyer. Some lawyers possess all of the qualities, while others don’t. the thing here is to take full advantage of the good qualities that one possesses. This is something that Charles Stinger II knows very well, and probably attributes a lot of his success in DUI and DWI charges to.