Flooring Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

The floor is a very important part of any building, not only for aesthetic purposes but because it is the part of the house that probably takes the most wear and tear. There are many different types of floors that you can choose from, ranging from resin, vinyl, and ceramic tiles to plastic and wood. In this article, we are going to take a look at some flooring tips, tricks, and ideas that you can use in your home.

  • Create continuity between your spaces since it makes the indoor and outdoor spaces look bigger. If the floor is wooden, ensure that they face the same direction in all the spaces so as to create a sense of flow.
  • In the event that you don’t want a wooden floor, there are ceramic tiles that imitate wood, that you could use to bring personality into your spaces.
  • You can bring the outdoors into the house by using vinyl or glass. Vinyl has outdoor elements and can create a flow.
  • As an alternative to concrete, vinyl can be used to give an industrial look.
  • If you’re after giving your floor a retro look, ceramic tiles are the perfect option, coming with patterns that work fantastically. They are versatile due to the fact that they have limitless designs.
    If you’re after a classical style floor, you can use monochrome tiles. They will easily take you back to the Victorian era.
Flooring Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Flooring Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

Get Floors

When you’re out shopping for your floors, you want to go for quality products that come at an affordable price, and from a supplier with a dedicated service team. It is even better if you can just order the floor products online and have them delivered to your site. This is where Get Floors comes in, coming with all the features you look for in a floor product supplier. The company says that they can beat any competitor by one dollar per meter square, which is a huge saving if you have a large space. Some of the floor types that Get Floors deals in include:

  • Solid timber flooring
  • Engineered timber flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Vinyl flooring

Among the brands that Get Floors stock include:

  • Regupol
  • Elegant Oak
  • Quick Step
  • Genuine French Oak
  • Premiere Oak

If you aren’t sure about the type of floor you wish to have, Get Floors has a dedicated team that can assist you to choose. They are experienced and in the best position to guide. Below are some of the floor types you can choose from as listed on their website. The prices haven’t been published but can be gotten by contacting the company.

  • Preference Prestige Oak 15/4 MM Grey Wash
  • Premium Oak Blanc
  • Preference Prestige Oak 21/6 MM Chardonnay
  • Readyflor Engineered Timber NSW Spotted Gum 1 Strip (Gloss)
  • Preference Select Sydney Blue Gum 135mm
  • Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Classic Oak Brown


Floors play very important roles in our homes and should be chosen very carefully depending on the use of the spaces. Get Floors will gladly supply the floors you want, even offering free shipping for purchases that are over $2000, to Sydney Metro.