Marvelous Bedroom Ideas for Couples Room!

The comfort and coziness you get from your bedroom are second to none. Its importance elevates when you start living with your spouse. The design of the room should make sense for both of you as everything in your room is shared with your partner now. Therefore, everything starting from wall color to furniture, decor, and bathroom, should be according to the choice of both of you. It is likely that you both get stuck at some point and need a way out.

Marvelous Bedroom Ideas for Couples Room!

Marvelous Bedroom Ideas for Couples Room!

We are in the right place as you would find here some amazing ideas for your bedroom.

Merge balcony with the room:

Go for the open concept. You can make your room look spacious by making the balcony part of it. What all you will have to do is to remove the wall between your room and balcony or terrace and add a sliding door. Not only the room looks spacious, but you also get to enjoy the greenery, more lighting, and ventilation.

Use the space wisely:

Once you are done furnishing, but you still have some space left. Use it wisely. Instead of filling that space with more decoration pieces, you can add a storage space, like another closet. Or, it can be anything productive. You can add a study corner as well. If you want to work in a relaxing zone, you can consider creating a small office in the room.

Try combining bathroom with bedroom:

This option doesn’t seem run-of-the-mill but it is worth it. Though the bathroom is already combined, what separates it from the room is the brick wall. We are here talking about replacing that wall with a glass wall. The room looks bigger this way. Use a curtain on the glass wall if you want privacy while showering. You should at least give it a thought.

Keep it simple:

A crowded bedroom snatches the coziness of a room. The room is more classic when it has all the basic requirements and elements. Use neutral colors as they are evergreen. If you find it a way too simple, you can add aesthetics through pictures, colors, or effervescent colored bedsheets.

Add textures:

Textures add pattern to the wall of the room. The room looks elegant even without adding any décor. The textured wall in combination with bohemian décor makes the room worth living. The combination looks absolutely flawless.

Get a custom star map for your room:

Give your room a special touch with a star map. It will remind you of some special moment of your life. Let it be the date when you guys first met, the day of your wedding, or the birth of your child, you can turn it into a star map. You must be wondering what star map actually means. This is made by ‘modern map art’ where the custom star map editor uses detailed star database to find out how the sky looked like on a particular date. The finest handed stretched canvas is used to create your star map. It is available in size starting from 8×10 to 24×3.

They allow you to choose the style and order with their design tool. You are just required to provide the details of the day you want to get the sky map of. Your map will reach your doorstep in a few business days. Plus, you won’t have to pay any delivery charges. Moreover, this can be a perfect gift on the occasion like Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. This star map will surely beautify your space.