The In-Home Health Spa Experience: Turning Your Home Into an Oasis

Sometimes home improvement is all about curb appeal and getting your home ready to go on the market. You spruce things up because you want to bring in top dollar and attract the right kinds of buyers. At other times, home improvement is all about you and your happiness. One way to make your home a personal oasis is to create a spa-like setting in a room, usually a bathroom, where you can relax and forget about the stresses of life for a while. Creating a spa experience in your home can be easy or quite involved, depending on how serious you are about your relaxation. Here are a few things to consider for creating your own home spa.

Spa Bathrooms Are a Fast-Growing Trend

Though bathroom upgrades have always been a popular renovation with a good return on investment, new life has been breathed into this popular upgrade with the advent of the home spa. Bathrooms are no longer places to get clean and then get out, they are now places where people spend increasingly larger amounts of time. If you really want to upgrade your home, consider a home spa that incorporates these tips.

  • Ditch the tub. On average, people use a bathtub about three times per year and nearly three quarters of us never use it at all. A high-end shower, however, will get used daily. If you have to choose between a tub or a shower, go for the shower and trick it out with all of the newest innovations like cascade showerheads, heated tile seats, and high-end fittings.
  • No double vanities. The idea of the double vanity was poor to begin with. How often do you really brush your teeth next to someone else? Instead of a double vanity, go for a large single sink and lots of counter space.
  • Make it functional. A bathroom needs to be easy to clean, so don’t go overboard on details that will require a crew to maintain. You want luxurious materials, but not high-maintenance items. Always keep maintenance in the back of your mind, because no one finds a dirty bathroom luxurious and no one finds it relaxing to spend all day cleaning their oasis.

Color Choice

The color of the materials you have in your bathroom can have a huge impact on how the space is perceived. Even if you can’t afford a full renovation, simply changing the color scheme can alter the feel of your bathroom. The most calming colors are in the blue and brown families. Blues mixed with greys are particularly relaxing. If blue isn’t your thing, opt for muted colors in green, purple, or yellow. A slight grey-tone can be added to most any color to make it more relaxing.


Adding calming music to your bathroom is a great way to boost the relaxing atmosphere. This is one reason that having lots of counterspace is a good idea, it gives you room to plug in a high-end radio and keep it away from the water. If you really want to go all out, install an integrated surround-sound system.

Besides adding pleasing sounds, consider how you can block out unwanted sounds. New insulation, improved drywall options, and sound-deadening materials are all options for making your bathroom an isolated oasis of relaxation.

Buy Peptides, Candles, Incense, and Oils

To achieve full relaxation, you need to address all your senses. Help boost relaxation by burning incense or buying peptides and candles that have a pleasing aroma.  You can also buy peptides in cosmetic products, like oils and lotions, that can be applied to your skin or to your bathwater to improve relaxation and nourish your body. These are things that you can incorporate into your relaxation ritual, so that just the act of adding oil to the bathwater starts you down the road to feeling calmer. You can learn more about peptides here


Taste is perhaps the most difficult sense to address during relaxation at home. Some people find champagne to be relaxing, while others don’t like it at all. You may prefer fine chocolate, subtle tea, or a fruit smoothie is more to your liking. Sometimes, you don’t need anything at all, but having a convenient place to put items likes drinks and food while you are relaxing in your spa is a smart investment.

The Bottom Line on Home Spas

If you are installing a home spa for yourself (the only real reason to do it), then put some thought into the process. If you are going all out on a renovation, you need to plan it out carefully so that the finished product is a pleasure to enjoy and not a hassle to maintain. If you just want a little relaxation, then follow the tips above to turn your existing bathroom into an oasis where you can forget about life for a little while and just be.