DIY Ideas for Marketing Your Production Firm

“Lights…Camera…Action!”  As a video producer, you are probably all too familiar with these terms.  Making films is what you live for.  It is the thing you love doing the most in the world, the thing you were born to do and the one part of your life you just don’t regret.

But managing this dream company of yours and doing your own marketing is a whole different story.

Video production, business management, and marketing are three very different sectors in your business and each and every one of these needs to be executed perfectly or your business will soon start to suffer.

DIY Ideas for Marketing Your Production Firm

DIY Ideas for Marketing Your Production Firm

If you are doing your own marketing then it is important to constantly improve on your marketing strategies so you can stay ahead of the competition and make the biggest possible success out of your business.  Here are a few of the best management ideas that are bound to get your production firm noticed.

Invest In a Vinyl Cutter

Printing companies are pretty expensive. If you want to save a bit of money on your branding then you should consider investing in your own vinyl cutter.  You can get a small unit for personal use or even invest in a commercial unit which will enable you to create a wide range of branding items.  Vinyl cutters are superb for creating decals, stickers, labels, 3D objects, T-shirt Transfers, signs, car wraps, business cards and so much more.  It is the perfect tool for easy DIY marketing.  Click here to check out the latest and best vinyl cutters on the market.

Invest In Good Quality Design Software

Some vinyl cutters are pretty fantastic.  You can cut a vinyl from a picture on your mobile device.  But if you want the best quality images or graphics then you need to invest in good quality design software.  Something like Adobe or Corel Draw are perfect for creating your own logos, adverts, pamphlets and more.

Get the Skills

Design software and vinyl cutters are not too easy to operate.  It might be wise to take a few quick courses in designing so you can learn your software and find out how to accomplish basic design tasks. Another good way to develop your design skills is by putting a few hours a day into developing content.  You will be amazed at the things you can accomplish if you understand your design app well.

Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

Most advertising and promotion today is done online.  You need to develop a digital marketing strategy.  Your strategy can include items like the following;

  • Social media pages with daily posts
  • A blog on your website with weekly posts

While you are developing your own digital marketing strategy you should take care to expand this skill as well.  Successful online marketing doesn’t just happen overnight. You need to understand different marketing methods and strategies such as SEO, PPE and more.


If you get a vinyl cutter one of the first things you need to do is brand.  All of your gear should be branded, your employees or team members should wear branded uniforms, and your paperwork should be branded.  Branding is incredibly important if you want people to start taking note of your company.