Tips and Tricks Every Smoker Needs For a Fresh Home

We all have our bad habits.  Some bite their nails, others spend too much time on the internet and others smoke.  Smoking is bad for your health – we all know it – but it also has a terrible impact on your home.  Those foul smoke smells seep into your clothes, upholstery, curtains and more and ash, cigarette buds and cigarette burns don’t look too aesthetically pleasing in your home.

But smoking doesn’t have to be all bad.  There are quite a few ways for you to keep your home looking great and smelling fresh despite your one bad habit.  The following tips are excellent for smokers who cannot seem to or don’t want to quit smoking just yet.

nicotine salts

nicotine salts

Switch Over To Vape Pens

A vape pen is the ultimate ‘clean’ way to smoke.  Vape pens work electronically and work with various products such as Nicotine Salts or e-liquids to generate smoke or vape which you can inhale in order to get the same feeling or result as you would from smoking a cigarette without all the negative side effect.  Vaping is much better for your health and for your home than normal smoking because of the following reasons;

  • The vapors smell much better and don’t linger inside your home
  • Vape pens come in different aromas, some of which are very pleasing and refreshing. These aromas can improve the smell of your home instead of making your home smell all trashy
  • You will save lots of money which you can put to use on home improvements
  • Vape pens are much healthier for those living in the same house as you
  • It is a much cleaner smoking method because there are no smelly ashtrays or cigarette buds lying around.

Get Live House Plants

Natural live house plants inside your home can make a huge difference in your health and in how your home smells.  Plants naturally absorb toxins and carbon dioxide in the air and create fresh oxygen. The natural green of plants also has a positive psychological effect on you since looking at green promotes clear thinking, reduces depression and makes you feel more productive.

Wash Pet Beds Regularly

Don’t allow your pets to climb on your furniture.  Pet hair on your clothing is very annoying and can make your bedding and upholstery smell horrid.  Instead, invest in pet bedding inside your home so your beloved pet can feel comfortable and be part of the family without all the bad odors.  Wash pet bedding at least once a week to keep your home smelling fresh.

Open Those Windows

Open all of your curtains and windows while you are at home.  Fresh air neutralizes bad odors, removes toxins from the air and natural sunlight kills bacteria and mold inside your home.

Adopt Better Cleaning Methods

There are quite a few changes you can make to your cleaning routine that will result in a cleaner and fresher home such as the following;

  • Vacuum instead of sweeping so you can reduce dust and ash inside the house
  • Wipe your surfaces with a damp cloth instead of dusting for better dust and ash or smoke smell control

Add a disinfectant to your washing mixtures to freshen up surfaces