Best Places to Live with Clean Water

Before you consider buying that house, and all the remodeling you would like to do with it, read this. The truth is, clean water is essential for healthy living. And, most places we choose to live don’t fall on the list of best places to live with clean water. This can be a problem, and no amount of remodeling is going to change that.

But, if you are stuck where you are, and simply must consider making it the best it can be, you should read these water softener reviews. Hard water is a problem for 90% of homes in the United States. The good thing about that is, it isn’t going to hurt you. But, it sure can mess up the pipes and make you spend more money redoing the plumbing. So, if your heart is set on remodeling, a water softener might be a good investment.

However, if you have the option to move to one of the places on our list, we suggest you consider that possibility to ensure that the water you and your family drink is clean.

Best Places to Live with Clean Water

Best Places to Live with Clean Water

10 Cities with the Best Tap Water

We know that people speak ill of tap water all the time. And, there are certainly some places where negligence, governmental failures, and maintenance issues have made the water dangerous. Yet, in most cities, the tap water is really just fine to drink. Of course, these are the 10 cities with the best tap water:

  1. With a clean water score of 85.62 out of 100, Macon, Georgia has been on the best of the best water list for five consecutive years. Learn more.
  2. Louisville, Kentucky is pretty impressive, having been on the list for two years in a row. And, even though there are a large number of manufacturing establishments, it attained a 98 score.
  3. With only three contaminants found in its water, and a relatively small number of manufacturing operations, Pembroke Pines, Florida received an 85.84.
  4. Charleston, South Carolina has been on the best of list for two years as well. With a surprisingly large rank on agricultural chemical expenses, the water there still rated a 96.
  5. Looking at a significantly lower number on agricultural chemical expenses, Cape Coral, Florida seems to be an excellent option with a rank of 86.84.
  6. Port Saint Lucie, Florida deserves a serious nod with only two contaminants and very low investments on agricultural chemical expense. This city ranked at 92. Read this to understand why this is a great place to live.
  7. Also only having three contaminants, Salem, Oregon is a beautiful city to live in. While there are a lot of manufacturing companies and a pretty high expenditure on agricultural expenses, it still received an 86.44.
  8. Cincinnati, OH might not be at the top of your list, but it was ranked 90.83 due to low contaminant levels, low manufacturing establishments per square mile, and an average expenditure on agricultural chemicals.
  9. With nearly zero agricultural chemical expenses, Oakland, California might be worthy of consideration. Also, there were only two contaminants found there and it scored 86.88.
  10. Aurora, Colorado might be a shocking one to find on the list with a score of 90.31. Yet, even with its large number of manufacturing organizations and high investments in agricultural chemicals, there were only 4 contaminants found in the water. They are doing some impressive sanitizing.

If you’d like to know more about the best cities for clean drinking water, this is a great resource.

Make Home Life Simpler, Cleaner and Healthier With A Water Softener

Your home is the ultimate little zone of relaxation.  It is the one place where you can dress any way you like, say anything you like and do anything you like.  Home appliances and home improvements can do a lot for your home life.  When you have the right tools and equipment you can enjoy your home life so much more and you can relax more since these home improvements are doing all the hard work for you.  The next home improvement that you should consider to make life simpler, healthier and more fun is a water softener.

Make Home Life Simpler, Cleaner and Healthier With A Water Softener

What is a water softener?

Most homes have hard water.  Hard water is natural water that comes out of the earth.  These waters are relatively clean but still contain a lot of chemicals and natural elements like deposits of limestone, chalk, calcium and magnesium.  The chemicals and minerals found in hard water can have a huge impact on your health and on your everyday activities around your home.  A water softener is a filtering device that can be implemented on your home’s main water source or in a certain area of your home’s water supply.  The water softener will filter out all of these chemicals and minerals and supply you with an unlimited source of soft water that is healthier, cleaner and makes home life a lot simpler.

Where to find the best water softeners?

Water softeners come in various sizes and have different functionalities. Some have no maintenance at all while others are a bit tricky.  They have different capacities and each type of water softener has different ups and downs. offers the best reviews for water softeners.  You can have a look at some of these reviews to understand the different softeners better, to find one that is big enough for your needs and to find one that is suitable for your home and budget.

Top benefits of a water softener to home owners

Your home life will be a lot easier when you get a water softener implemented because these fantastic devices have the following benefits;

  • You and your family will feel much cleaner, more hydrated and you will have softer and more beautiful hair and skin because there are no chemicals and minerals to dry your skin and hair out anymore.
  • You will skip out on a lot of scrubbing since soft water does not leave behind marks on your glassware and soft water does not stain your tubs and sinks as much.
  • Hot water appliances and plumbing will be in good order for much longer since the water does not cause clogging or buildup in these areas anymore.
  • Your clothes will last a lot longer and they will be a lot cleaner and softer since the water does not fade them as much anymore.

Top benefits of a water softener to your health

Soft water is much healthier to your body and does not leave stain marks on your teeth.  Hard water can be quite toxic to your body and can cause a lot of skin conditions, skin irritations and can even result in terrible hair loss.