Taking Pictures of Your Remodel

When you decided to renovate your home you had grandiose imagery in mind. Your vision for the entire endeavor was something akin to a Better Homes & Gardens’ spread. So how can you prove that your skills in the remodeling arena are comparable to some of the most impressive contractors around? Simple. Just take pictures to prove it!

You might want to learn some things about your camera before you begin the process. You’ll need to decide whether you want something as high tech as a DSLR or something simpler, like a point and shoot. Then you might find learning about the back button focus is a great idea. It will make your remodel picture taking far more efficient.

Taking Pictures of Your Remodel

Benefits of Remodeling Pictures

Creating documented proof of the remodel process is great for guaranteeing that a hired contractor sticks to his promises. However, photographing the remodel process has additional benefits as well:

  • They make great images for portfolios, blogs, and websites. Go here to learn more about creating a photo portfolio.
  • Pictures can help you prepare for future and upcoming endeavors. They’ll help you visualize the next steps.
  • Images of the process can aid you in any situation that might lead to litigation. The proof is in the photo rather than the pudding.
  • And, pictures can help you manage the subcontractors on your jobs. You can report back to the head contractor when things don’t seem right in the process and you’ll have tangible evidence.

Tips for Taking Better Remodel Pictures

While you might be a seasoned pro in the realm of photography, most people have the greatest amount of photographic experience outdoors. That makes documenting the indoor remodel a bit challenging. Here are some suggestions to improve your remodel pictures:

  • Add lighting or employ the usage of a strong flash since indoor photos are particularly dark.
  • Take a lot of pictures. Yes, you’ll probably only need one picture of each stage. But, since you might miss something, or screw up an angle, taking multiple photos is in your best interest.
  • Take the pictures in series as you move through the process of remodeling. Remember you are documenting the work being accomplished, so taking pictures at each step and stage is advisable.
  • Consider offering a means in which providing scalability within the image is achieved. Use a tape measure, yard stick, dollar bill, etc. something that is measurable to show the size of the items you are documenting.

If you need more photo taking suggestions read this.

Make Your Photos Magazine Quality

If you are really hoping to use these pictures in your portfolio, or add them to a website, then you’ll need to take magazine quality images. Since you’re probably an amateur you will need some help. Here are some tips:

  • Use a tripod to guarantee your picture comes out steady. And apply the use of the back button focus.
  • Don’t shoot interior pictures at night and utilize as much natural lighting as possible. And don’t use a flash when there’s glass or mirrors in your photo.
  • Focus on individual architectural details and elements within the room. This will give your pictures a standalone quality similar to magazine pieces.
  • If photographing outside, make sure you add some blank space to frame the structure. And, keep the sun behind you to avoid too many shadows.

Documenting your remodeling progress and process in photos is highly advisable and can be quite fun if you follow these recommendations. Additional photography tips can be found here.